Fate of Steam & Sorcery

Galoshes Galore!

The First Adventure

Galoshes Galore!

Local store advertises new items in; Galoshes!
Previously: Thief steals artifact, disappears into shopping district. Thief caught bit item not found . . . (artifact is a small jeweled “ornament” that has secret compartment. The compartment contains info that someone wants . . .)

Orc henchmen (average quality minions). In conflict, if things get to looking bad for the Orcs, one of them will use a gizmo (Superb) that will “dazzle” all (except the user) in order to escape with the artifact.

Boss Ogre
Physical: OOOOO
Mental: OO
Social: O
Skills: Fists [Good]; Guns [Fair] Cantrips [Avg]
.32 Revolver [Dmg = Fair/Lethal]
Talisman: Ward (+1 Defense)

Lair Minions: Orcs (Average) 0 0 0 0 0 0


This episode started out with the thief having been apprehended by the police. However, he did not have the mysterious artifact upon him. The police called in Clarice and Arwen to talk to the crook.
He was reluctant to talk. Clarice was able to use her “Elven Beauty and Grace” aspect to convince the thief that it would be in his best interest to talk. He did so, stating that he had “lifted” this interesting ornamental box off of this orc thug. As the orc had persued him, the thief had dodged into the marker place, running into a store. He ditched the box inside a pair of rubber boots, hoping to return later to retrieve it. Just as the thief was going to share more, a gun shot rang out. Someone had shot the thief through the cell window! Clerice and Arwen rushed out,as well as the police, but the assailant had managed to escape.

Galoshes Galore!

Clerice decides to check with her goblin friend Loshes, who know’s a thing or two about rubber boots, galoshes and other apparel. As it turns out, there is a new shipment of footwear that has been on display for the last couple of days. Loshes, Clerice and Arwen go to check out the display.
Loshes is attracted to a pearlescent pair of galoshes. As he approaches, a pair of orc thugs run into the store and snatch the galoshes! Loshes, Clerice and Arwen pursue! Running out back, they confront a gang of orcs, attempting to make their get-away. Seeing that they are being pursued, the orcs stop and draw pistols. Clerice uses her air lore to throw up a barrier to protect her and her commrades. Arwen uses her Spirit Lore (Force) to throw the equivalent of a “magic-fist” to smack one of the orcs. 1 orc down. Loshes tosses a flash-bomb which doesn’t help much. Arwen smacks another orc, Clerice does her own version of “magical-smack” and down goes another orc. One orc gets a good hit against the barrier shield and down goes the shield. Loshes tosses another flash-bomb and makes a fair throw. Now the thugs have deal with a cloud of smoke (temporary aspect of “hard to get a good aim”). Arwen smacks another orc, only two remaining.
One orc reaches up and touches something on the dark sunglasses he is wearing. There is a bright flash. PC’s fail to “dodge” this attack and are temporarily blinded/stunned. When things clear, the remaining two orcs are gone. However, they find a clue in the pocket of once of the orcs that had been “taken-out”.

Galoshes Galore!

Using the clue that was found, Arwen the Intrepid Investigator does some footwork and is able to obtain info that there is some suspicious goings-on in the warehouse district, down near the docks.
Loshes, being the stealthy, sneaky goblin that he is, does some further night-time reconnaissance
and manages to locate the exact warehouse. However, there is too much going on there which makes it risky for him to “go it alone”. So Loshes goes back to let the others know what he has found.
Yhe group forms a plan: Arwen and Clerice will approach the warehouse (along with the local authorities) from the front (which should draw the attention of all there) while Loshes sneaks in via the backway.
Scene Aspects:
Thugs on Patrol (in front)
Boxes, Crates, Rope, Lanterns, Fire-Buckets, dark shadows, places to hide.

Group 1: Arwen, Clerice and police
Group 2: Loshes
Group 3: Thugs in front and just inside
Group 4: Ash (Orc Thug Boss), Orc “Lieutenants” (3) and dark, mysterious stranger . . .

Group 1 approaches cautiously but police are bumbling; they give away their position. Group 3 doesn’t even think about it. They open fire. Clerice does her Rote Spell of “Force Block” and manages to cover herself and Arwen with a Armor:2 Shield. Arwen slings a couple of Force[Spirit] “punches” that knocks some thug minions to the ground (Taken-Out: Stunned/Dazed). Police are now in H-t-H with the remainder.

Meanwhile, Loshes safely sneaks in the back way. Inside, he finds some stairs and staelth-fully climbs them. As he comes to the top of the stairs he sees an open door. Cautiously looking into the room , he sees that it is empty. He sees another door across the room and it is closed. He can hear voices. It is at this time the commotion starts outside. Loshes knows that he has only moments to act. He finds a place to hide behind some boxes on the stair’s landing just as the Orc Lieutenants rush out to see what is happening. As they go down the stairs, Loshes sneaks back in thinking that the other room is empty. First, he extinguishes the lamp in the first room and then sets up some trip-wires just in case the thugs come back-up He comes into the next room only to find Ash the the DMS. Ash draws a pistol, Loshes turns and flees, slamming the door behind him. Loshes dashes back to his hiding place just as Ash opens the door to the first room. Since that room is now dark and Ash had been standing in a well-lit room, his Orcish darkvision takes a second to kick-in. He doesn’t see the trip-wires (DC to spot is Good) and ends up face planting. He growls out “Get back up here you idiots! There’s a sneak about!” The lieutenants rush back up stairs. Loshes knows he has only moments. Tagging the scene aspects of “Ropes” and “Boxes”, he quickly ties one end of a rope around one of the crates and the other end of the rope to a nearby beam. He then dowses the crate with oil from the lamp and gives it a heave and throws a flash-bomb at it, hoping it will catch fire and smack the thugs coming up the stairs.
The crate catches fire, but the thugs make a good dodge so the crate misses. The swinging crate continues on it’s course and ends up smacking into some other crates below at the bottom of the stairs. We now have a scene aspect of “warehouse on fire!” Loshes jumps over to the beam and begins climbing down the frame-structure of what looks like some sort of elevator.

Meanwhile, Clerice and Arwen have made it into the front of the warehouse as the melee continues. As they and the police continue the fight with the thugs, all of a sudden a crate that is on-fire comes swinging down from above and crashes into some other crates.

The thugs on the stairs have a decision to make: They cannot go down the regular way (because of the fire at the bottom of the stairs) and their boss (by this time) has gotten back up and ran back inside (closing the door behind him). They don’t want to face who (or what) ever sent the flaming crate their way, so they decide to jump. 2 Manage to break their legs (taken out). The third joins the melee.

Clerice uses her Water Lore, tags the scene aspect of “Fire-Buckets” and dowses the fledgling fire with copious amounts of water, putting the fire out and creating a temporary scene aspect of “everything’s soaked” and “wet floor”. Clerice, Arwen and police finally get the upper-had and all thugs are subdued. They now go upstairs to confront who ever is still up there.
Loshes is now at the bottom of the frame-structure and decides to stay there for now.
As the group upstairs comes into the second room, they see an elevator grill-door close. In the elevator car they ca see Ash and the DMS. Arwen throws a “force punch” but it is blocked by a ward on the elevator door. A secondary steel door slams down, keeping anyone from getting into the shaft from above. Loshes sees the elevator coming down. He quickly pushes some crates over into the bottom of the elevator shaft, which stops the elevator a few feet above the ground. The orc and DMS are now trapped. The police chief calls out to the crooks to give themselves up. Clarice tags her aspect of “Listen to My Counsel” in order to persuade the crooks. Just then, Arwen, Clerice and Loshes all sense a gathering of “dark” magic. Two shots ring out from within the elevator. When they are finally able to get in they find that Ash has been shot twice in the head. The DMS is gone!

Loshes decides to the upstairs a “once over”. He discovers that Ash had dropped a small ornamental box when he had tripped over the wire. The box is empty . . .

Galoshes Galore!
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