Fate of Steam & Sorcery

I See Red! Part 2

ACT 2 “Way Out West and Not a Drop o’ Tea”

PC’s will find themselves transported to what appears to be a cemetery. The area will be totally unfamiliar to all of them. To the North (if at night) can be seen some faint light (the town of Eureka, CA). Nearby is a dirt road that goes north and south. Investigation will lead to the info that the PC’s are in the Humboldt region of Northern California.
Their presence will be a item of curiosity, and the locals will be suspicious of them, especially that “weird lookin’ one called Loshes”. Most folks have not seen a Goblin as they are not native to America. While there are similar creatures in North America (cousins, so to speak) they are not as common. (Potential conflicts could arise, but must not detract from main goal.) Eventually enough info can be gathered to reveal the following:
PC’s arrived in the “common” graveyard in the Bucksport area. There has been some “skullduggery” going on in the graveyard. The locals are convinced that it is the work of some of the natives and “their dark practices” (Which it is not. The majority of the towns folk are prejudiced against the natives, who for the most part just want to live a peaceful life.) Fort Humboldt, which is located nearby, has been abandoned for the last 30 years and has fallen into decay and ruin. The local folk, including the natives, steer clear of the old Fort as there is an eerie presence about the place.

Nagmor has set-up “camp” at the old Fort because it is un-occupied, has a chapel and is near the graveyard. The F.S.R.T. is working on infiltrating the PC’s hometown, but it was too risky doing the rituals to create a zombie army there as the Legionnaires and other opposing factions could detect such a powerful concentration. So the decision was made to create such an army “off-site” and then gate them in, small groups at a time. After that, then it was just a matter of logistics and timing . . .

Scene Aspects: Fort Humboldt
Bits-n-pieces of horse tack, shovels (recently used!), rubble. Footprints (recent).
Old barn nearby (closed-up) has zombies “in storage”. Chapel has been desecrated by Nagmor with evil symbols. This is were his acolytes are continuing the on-going ritual leading up to the summoning of the Gothorog. The old fort hospital has been used by Nagmor for the “building” of his zombies (Gurneys, chains, ropes . . . cadavers . . .)

Nagmor has placed sets of runes at different locations on the site of the old fort.
The ones at the old hospital will set off a “silent alarm” and alert Nagmor to the presence of intruders. Another set near the old barn will do the same as well as release several zombies (5? 10? More!?!?!) The sets of runes near the hospital and barn are fairly easy to detect by anyone with “The Sight” or skill in Lore (DC to detect is Average). DC to dispel is Good (3).
The third set, which are more complicated, are near the old chapel. DC to detect is Fair (
2). DC to Dispel is Epic (+7). Failure to dispel the runes or just blundering into them will cause them to explode, doing weapon:3 damage.

Finally, inside the old chapel, Nagmor has set-up a set of runes thathe can activate. They act as a magical barrier and cover the entire zone as a Great (+4) level block. Duration is 4 rounds (Barrier is fed/maintained by the runes).

While his acolytes continue the ritual (will complete in _____ # of rounds), Nagmor will summon his zombies to attack the PC’s.

Zombies: Minions = Fair(2). Slow & dumb. Fair Strength, Grapple = Fair. Once they grapple someone, they will Rend and Bite for Average (1) damage, increasing this by 1 for each round. There is an average (1) chance for each round that the PC will be infected with zombie rot disease. Zombies have poor resistance to fire. Any damage to the zombie’s head (DC to target = 3) greater than average is an instant kill.

Acolytes are “Focused Practitioners” Thaumaturgists with a Adjusted Refresh of 1.

Nagmor (Thaumaturgist Necromancer)
Great (4) Conviction
Good (
3) Discipline, Lore
Fair (2) Staff [Melee]
Average (
1) Guns
Phys: 00 Mental: 0000 Presence: 00
Adjusted Refresh = 3
(-3) Evocation; +1 Conviction Force(Spirit)
(-3) Thaumaturgy; +1 Discipline Necromancy
(-3) refinements: +1 Conv. Veils, +1 Conv. Wards
Staff( Focused Item) +2 Conv. Evocation Force, +1 Disc. Evocation Force
Staff does damage at weapon:1


Turns out that the trio has gated into the Northern California area, very near the coastal town of Eureka. They find themselves in the common cemetery in the Bucksport area just south of town. They make their way into town to discover:

1) The local populace is suspicious of these “foreign looking” strangers, specially Loshes. Though no one here is familiar with Goblins, Loshes resembles closely enough some of the native legends of similiar creatures. Which does not endear Loshes to the local populace as they do not have, for the most part, a high opinion of the indigenous natives.

2) Loshes, meandering through town, comes across one Sinsun Chien, the only remaining Chinese inhabitant of the area. The Chinese were driven out of the area 30 years prior, Simsun being the only one able to remain due to his connections to some of the more weathier and power families in the area (he was at one time a loyal servant of these families. During the expulsion, they used their influence to safeguard Chien. Later, as a way for making up (albeit in a minor way) for the tragedy, Chien was released from service and given enough money to start his own restaurant and laundry.Loshes befriends Chien as he comes to Chien’s defense (most of the locals begrudgingly tolerate Chien’s presence, but some are still openly hostile towards any Chinese).
Loshes manages to diffuse a hostile situation and thus rescues Chien from a potentially violent situation.

The trio continue their explorations and investigations. They discover that there have been some strange goings-on out at the old fort (Fort Humboldt, abandoned now for over 30 years).

I See Red! Part 2

“I See Red!” Part 2 Finale Synopsis:
The trio go to the abandoned fort to investigate. Upon doing so the y quickly discover signs of recent activity. Checking oout one of the few intact buildings (the old infirmary) they find human remains and occultic signs that point to someone using necormancy.
In a nearby barn, they find a group of about 20 zombies. making sure the doors are secure so that the zombies cannot get out, they continue to explore the grounds. the only other remaining intact building is the old chapel. Approaching this, Loshes detects hidden runes around the chapel. They are able to avoid these runes and enter the chapel. There they encounter a necromancer, with the aid of 2 adepts, in the middle of some ritual. The adepts attack while the necromancer continues the ritual. One adept triggers a rune that erects a barrier between the PC’s and the necromancer. It also summons 3 zombies stationed in the room. The other adept uses evocations to attack. Loshes throws flash bombs at necromancer while Arwen and Clerice handle the adepts and zombies. Combat continues for a couple of rounds with the pc’s managing to toast a couple of zombies and take out the adepts. Clerice manages to dispell the protective barrier. Arwen and Loshes take on the necromancer, taking him out before he is able to complete the ritual.

I See Red! Part 2

The Soul Jar has been compromised. In an act of compassion, Clerice releases the soul of Greeshnash the Orc Warrior. He passes thankfully into peaceful rest. Lead members from the Knights Triumphant, The League and the Order of St. Boniface come through the portal. Along with the info provided by the PC’s, they were able to determine that this was a plot by the FourSquare Red Tower group to build an army of undead outside the detection range of their respective guilds. The plan was then to gate their undead army in along with a summoned demon (which the necromancer was in the act of doing before being stopped.) The PC’s are asked to stay in this area as agents for the League. They agree and are given monies and support to help establish themselves in the area. The various lead members then return to the U.K. via the port-gate, but before doing so request the PC’s to destroy the port-gate after they leave for safety measures.

Clerice, Arwen and Loshes go about setting up their [[Domiciles]].

I See Red! Part 2
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