Emily Carson

Buffer between Family and Society


High Concept: High Society White Court Virgin
with a the motivstion of “Buffer Between Family & Society”.

Karl and Sarai (Parents)
Caedmon, Bairre and Garbhan (brothers).


Desparate to live a “normal” life (but a High Society one) but struggling to keep Garbhan on a short leash, Bairre out of trouble (he’s a WC virgin as well, but rather naive about it all. Garbhan would really like to change that . .) and keep any events out fo the lime-light that would tip the secret of her family to outsiders. The Carsons moved to the area a while back in an effort to distance themselves from all the intrigue associated with the White Court clans back on the east coast. So far, they’ve manage to succeed.

Emily Carson

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