Clerice, Arwen and Loshes domiciles . . .

Downtown location. Loshes’ Fine Apparel Emporium (FAE !)
Two story structure. Has private quarters above.
Main entrance has enchanted bell that rings in slightly different tone when any magical person/creature/artifact enters. Only exception is anyone who wears special amulet enchanted by the PC’s does not trigger the alert. There is a gate/portal upstairs that can be used to port back and forth between the store quarters and their private house out in the country. Again, only wearers of the amulet can make use of this portal. There is also a similar bell located on the front and back doors of their country house.

The store has several protective runes placed within that basically re-directs any magic cast within the store’s confines to be reflected back upon the caster (again. except for those wearing the amulet). The power-level of the runes are a DC of 10 as concerns dispelling/overcoming. There are four runes that cover the entire downstairs area and four more duplicate runes that cover the upstairs quarters. The runes are veiled (DC of Great4) as concerns detection. However, the enchantment is such that the atmosphere of the store’s interior is highly charged. Thus the Aspect of “Strong Enchant In Place” is obvious to any who enter if they have some level of experience with the Arcane.

Complexity = 10 (Power Level) + 4 (Veil) + 9 (30 Day Duration) = 23
Clerice’s Lore (Great = +4) lowers this to 19. Arwen and Loshes join in Ritual giving 2 shifts which lowers this to 17. Ritual is spread out over the afternoon, giving another 4 shifts, thus lowering Complexity to 13. Clerice elects to use 4 exchanges channeling power at 4,3,3, & 3 vs. her Discipline of 5, per exchange. Her 4 rolled results were 4, 4, 4, & 5.

. . . and during the next day’s afternoon

For the 2nd floor, her rolls were 2[!](Clerice invokes her “Power of the Eldar” aspect and gains another 2 shifts to make the save), 4, 8, & 5.

Just a few miles outside of town, in a nicely wooded area, they also have a two-story Queen-Anne Victorian house. Main entrance, parlor, kitchen, dining area, pantry and service porch are on the first floor. Upstairs are 4 bedrooms, but only three of them are used as such. The fourth has been converted to their Sanctum. With-in the Sanctum, they have built a secret and concealed small chamber that is a port-gate to the shop (with the other end at the shop being concealed as well. Only a person wearing the amulet (mentioned above) can use the port-gate. The front and back doors of the house have the same kind of chime as the store does.


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