Laws of Magic and Technology

The Laws of Magic and Technology

in Fate of Steam & Sorcery

The use of Arcane forces is somewhat common place in the world of FoS&S. After all, there are Elves, Hobbits and Dwarves (somewhat Tolkien-esk), The Fey (somewhat like McDonald’s or Lewis’) and various other races that have some level of innate Arcane power or gifting. Humans in general do not have any innate Arcane powers (though a few may have some form of Arcane power {Stunt? Cantrip?}due to one of the aforementioned bloodline in their ancestry). A few will have been Awakened or Gifted (in various ways) and thus will have access to the Lores mentioned. And a few will attain the use of Arcane forces due to their intelligence and study (though tomes of Arcane knowledge are very difficult . . . and dangerous, to acquire).

Likewise, the quest for Advanced Technology has given rise to anything from “Technomancers” (who combine both magic and technology) to Philanthropists, Techno “Eccentrics” and down-right Mad Scientists who desire to run the world . . . their way.

Whatever the source or cause of the character’s acquisition of Arcane Power/Advanced Technology, there are certain “Laws” that are in effect. They are not “Laws” in the sense that they have been legislated by some human agency or government, but something rather like the principles of Ethos, Dharma or Sowing & Reaping.

Arcane/Energy Aspects

When Arcane powers are invoked, an arcane aspect is added to the scene to reflect the energy released. This aspect can be sensed by others (though any shifts added to Subtlety increase the difficulty). This aspect is not intentionally placed by the mage and does not give a free tag to anyone. However, it can be tagged for a fate point by anyone like normal and other characters who detect it with a roll get a free tag for their Assessment. For example, there is now a temporary magical energy aspect on the scene. This aspect could be sensed by others for quite some distance. In addition, a sufficiently sensitive and knowledgeable character might even be able to determine what kind of spell was cast or even recognize who cast it.

Questionable and/or Villainous acts and Corruption

A “questionable” act is any action that violates the Ethos/Dharma/S&R principles.
Just what these principles are exactly is source of much debate. Murder (by any method) is wrong. But what about killing in self-defense? Out-and-out mind control for nefarious reasons is extremely repugnant; but what about the subtle suggestion in the perceived notion of “helping someone” or the not-so-subtle Evocations/Rituals that affect the Mind , Emotions or Fate of a person; Such as spells to “persuade” someone “to do or not to do” something that they would have otherwise “not done or done”? Committing such questionable acts can attract all sorts of bad Karma (“sowing and reaping”, “what goes around comes around”, “the fate of threefold return”, “Collapsing the Quantum Wave” . . . what have you). This may take the form of affecting certain aspects, a complication to a Trouble Aspect, certain mysterious forced compels . . . not to mention attracting the attention of The Consortium, local law enforcement or worse (like the Never-Never) . . .

The Consortium

As societies have advanced in technology and diversification, there has arisen concern over the increase of arcane practitioners, both magical and technological wise. This has led to the establishment of the International Consortium of Arcana Regulation (I.C.A.R. also known as “The Consortium”). The Consortium tries to stay on top of what is happening in the realms of arcana and science in the endeavor to curb nefarious and villainous acts from occurring. The Consortium is a fledgling organization, having been established in 1890.

Each major government has it’s own ICAR department that first works in accordance (mostly) within the laws, rules and regulations of their perspective government. Secondly, it works with other ICAR departments both locally and internationally.

Characters who perform questionable or outright villainous acts will quickly attract the attention of the main force of The Consortium; The Wardens.

Laws of Magic and Technology

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