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It’s a Weird World After All . . .

But who wants normal? (And what defines normal anyway???)
“Fate of Steam & Sorcery” is a a world where all the fantasy and science-fiction based characters and technology exist together out in the open (more or less) with one another in the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s.

Here you will find goblins, elves, and wizards hob-knobbing right alongside detectives, scientists, and philanthropists of the era. Magic is fairly common in most parts of the world. So is some pretty far-out science. You may run into Arthur Conan Doyle or his close friends Holmes and Watson. You may unwittingly have a profound affect or slight influence on a young child such as John Tolkien or CS Lewis. You might end up working with a League of Extraordinary “folks” or bumping into the inventor of something called “The Steamball” or the discoverer of Cavorite.
Then there these interesting folks from “The Blazing World”, one in particular by the name of Miss Poppins, a Metapatagonian . . .

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Main Page

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