Etherial Powers

The use of arcane powers (I.E.: Magic) are based on the ideas laid out in the Dresden Files rpg. I’ve retained perhaps about 90% of the rules in regard to the mechanics of the magic system. The variants really have to do with character creation when it comes to the use of Fate Points in the creation process. More than 9 points can be spent if the player is willing to sacrifice skills points in a 4 to 1 exchange for Fate Points. In other words, for every four skill points you don’t use, you can have one extra Fate Point.

One other resource that I’ve used is “Spirit of Steam & Sorcery” which is a Fate 3.0 variant available at the FATE RPG Yahoo! groups page. It’s a player-created free download. Latest version is 2.0 and is a superb piece of work. If you are looking for an alternative to the DFRPG magic system, you may want to give it a look-see. The author has provided a link to his work at Google Docs here.

You can access the Yahoo! Fate Group site here.
If you are a fan of any of the Fate variants, I highly recommend the site.

The Realm of Lores

The Classical Realms : Earth, Air, Water, Fire.
The Fifth Element : Spirit (Force, Chi)
and Meta-Lores (Wood, Metal, Light, Energy) which could be categorized as combinations of the above.


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